Super Bowl Limousine Vehicles

Super Bowl Limousine is the premier nationwide limousine company who can connect you with the greatest limo rentals for the big game, Super Bowl XLVIII, in 2014. Below you'll see the features of our two most popular Super Bowl limousine vehicles, the 20 passenger Cadillac Escalade limousine and the 10 passenger Lincoln Town Car limousine. If you would like to rent one, get in touch!

20 Passenger Escalade Limo
(Non Smoking)

A Cadillac Escalade limousine is the grandest limousine experience on the road, and when you are traveling to the Super Bowl or to a Super Bowl party, there is no better way to pull up than in one of these. Take a look at the features:

  • Custom leather seats for 20 Super Bowl partygoers
  • Tile floors for effortless cleanup of spills
  • LED lighting that lights the night perfectly
  • High quality audio system for entertainment
  • Three flat screen HDTVs - bring football DVDs!
  • Built-in bar and cooler to stock with drinks
  • Chrome rims for a little extra eye candy

10 Passenger Lincoln Town Car Limo
(Non Smoking)

For smaller Super Bowl parties of up to 10 guests, a Lincoln Town Car limo is just the perfect choice. Very elegant in appearance, with all the features you'd expect. Take a look:

  • Custom seating for 10 Super Bowl partygoers
  • Built-in bar and cooler to stock with your drinks
  • Plush carpet for comfort and luxury
  • Custom lighting that really lights the limo just right